About Nature Project

Today technology empowers us to be more responsible. However it give us less time for a natural pursuit of life.

We take for granted our land, sea, wildlife, and the people that inhabit out beautiful planet. It is out goal and objective to protect and keep it pure.

Our logo Nature Project as a simple typeface is to illustrate both out modern life and ancient wisdom combined with a BOHDI leaf.

The BOHDI leaf is a key symbol in far eastern philosophy. The leaf of the tree from which under the Buddha reached enlightenment. Considered by many today to have mystical and curative properties the Bohdi leaf represents spiritual and humanities place in the world.

Nature Project will donate on each item a specific dollar amount to various charities that address change, responsibility and need our help. Your pro activity secures our future and the future of our planet. Let us once again live as one while enjoying our modern lives.

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